zondag 23 november 2014

Project 52 - week 47

Only five more weeks to go for Project 52! And although I made these pictures with my Iphone I suddenly had the urge to share them anyway, despite the poor quality. Normally I'm a bit more selective (one of the reasons I don't post a picture every week). And well, you think you will remember but in fact you don't... Especially these 'every day' moments. For example today, we had a perfect little morning walk in the forest close to our home. Joris loves the forest and I really loved seeing him enjoying himself, wandering around, collecting sticks for his bunnies, playing with the fallen leaves and chatting the whole way (about little people living in trees, lions and tigers). I'm very thankful for these great little moments of happiness.

Linking with Jodi for Project 52. What do you think, would you jump in on this kind of project next year? Love hearing your thoughts. I had (have) a hard time making pictures and posting every week. But when I look back it is such a precious collection...

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  1. This project has been great for me for that reason - capturing the smaller moments of every day that I usually wouldn't bother to photograph. That forest looks amazing!


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