maandag 4 november 2013


November. To be honest this month always stresses me out a little bit; there is so much to be done before the end of this year and so little time left! But promised myself to take one step at the time and fully enjoy it. Well, we’ll see if I manage.

Some exciting things coming up. First of all I'm attending the Blogging Your Way e-course this month with famous blogger Holly Becker of Decor8! This e-course will focus on Intention & Style. It will cover lots of ideas and inspiration for bloggers, especially those who are currently in a rut (me, me me!). I’m really looking forward to the part where they will learn how to take great photos for your blog. You probably do to …

Further I've planned a lot of knitting sessions this month at my favorite knit cafe here in Rotterdam. Maybe not planned that well, but it really is yoga for my mind. Nevertheless my winter projects will probably be ready coming summer.

And lost but not least I've a lot of work to do at my day job as well. We're working on a very exciting project which I can reveal half way December. Thrilled!

Trying to keep you posted. Have a great week!

PS we're supporting Movember. Every moustache counts to raise awareness (and donations) for men's health, don't you think?

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  1. Esther, ik heb mijn url en naam veranderd naar, handig in je bloglijst ;-)


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