woensdag 1 oktober 2014

See ya September: my ten favourites


Already the 1st of October. How did that happened? Are we really heading for the last three months of this year? Lets not jump ahead too fast and look back a little. Here are ten of my last month favourites:
  1. It seems ages ago but at the beginning of September we've  enjoyed a weekend at the Dutch coast. Our little boy loves the beach.
  2. I treated myself on a new bracelet from the Lennebelle Petites collection. L.O.V.E. it. (Lenneke will be launching her new collection in October!) 
  3. Extremely happy with my logo (woohooo I have a logo!) and my new blog banner. Designed by Denise
  4. Off course The Flower Effect movie is in my top ten. People really seem to like it!
  5. Our cookbook collection was extended with this one.  I'm on fire.
  6. New kid in town: great new shop opened by the founders of April&May. First or Second Store in Alkmaar. Follow their adventures on Facebook or even better; pay them a visit if you're in the neighborhood. 
  7. After watching Chef you want to start a food truck and eat funky junk food all day. Believe me.
  8. Christian Dior is so right. Don't you think?
  9. As it gets colder I'm slowly getting back in my knitting mojo. Pinned lots of inspiration.
  10. I had a very nice meeting with Food Designer Katja Gruijters for a very special flower project and tasted toast with rose petal jam.  Yummy!
See ya September! You were good to us. 

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