dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Home is where mom is

Last year, a few days before Mother's day, a dear friend surprised me with a beautiful bouquet. She said that I should celebrate Almost-Mother's day as a mother-to-be. I thought that was such a sweet idea. I remember the great feeling of a baby in my belly and the thought that in the near future we would become a little family and celebrate Mother's day for real. Now Mother's day is almost near again (in the Netherlands) and it sounds silly but I'm really curious what it will be like now that I'm a mother! Will I receive this great piece of baby art? A bunch of flowers? I'll just have to wait and see. Via Moodkids I've received a nice gift already. They've made some great downloads of really nice Mom posters. I love freebies and especially these cute ones! So, thank you Eefje and Maike. And for all you mummies and mums-to-be out there: have a great (Almost-) Mother's day

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  1. Wat een geweldige poster!! Kreeg er tranen van in mijn ogen ((hormonen gieren nog door mijn lijf:-))


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