zaterdag 27 april 2013

Love my POM shawl

My favourite accessory is definitely a shawl. My fashion style is pretty basic, but with a shawl I give my outfit a little twist. I have dozens. My latest buy is this POM and I really love it. It is 100% silk and it has a great pattern with many flowers and tiny details of the city of Amsterdam. There are endless ways to wear it. You should really have a look in their webshop. It's great! Their motto 'Make every day a happy day' fits perfect. Wearing a POM makes you really feel good. Now, go on, what are you waiting for

3 opmerkingen:

  1. oh die is mooi, prachtige sjaals zijn het

  2. Hoi Esther, dit is inderdaad een leuke sjaal.
    Die bij veel outfits zal passen, en het geheel zullen opfleuren.
    groetjes Ingrid


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