dinsdag 23 april 2013

Photo exhibition about Beatrix

It's been a while... I've been extremely busy at work these days. And to be honest I still find it hard to manage time between work, my little boy, husband, household, family and friends. Especially when things at work are crazy! Anyway, I'm here and I want to tip you this lovely exhibition about our queen in the Beurs of Berlage in Amsterdam. Just a week away from Queensday, when our queen signs of, you should really visit this photo exhibition. It shows her most memorable moments of her being a queen in the past 33 years. The photo I loved most is the one above of her and her husband. They look like a couple in Mad Men, don't you think? Read more about the exhibition here.

1 opmerking:

  1. kan me voorstellen dat het druk is, nog 6 weken en ik mag hetzelfde gaan ervaren. Leuk die tentoonstelling, wist niet dat die er was. Ben alleen bang dat ik er verlopig niet kom:-) Hoe is het verder?


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