maandag 3 november 2014

October you were fun: some things I liked


October you were good to us. Some things I liked last month:

  1. Last month was all about flowers. I've enjoyed a spectacular Floral Affair in Amsterdam with  
  2. The Mama Stories over at Lennebelle Petites are the sweetest and so is the new jewelry collection that comes with it. 
  3. There is a new blog in town and I think it's the best: Vy and Madelon (if you're on Instagram you probably know them) share what crosses their mind, what moves them, makes them laugh, cry, greedy and some more of that. Just have peek at The door in the wall and you'll know what I mean. Thank me later.
  4. Yay! Already counting down for the festive season and a great way to get in a the holiday mood: the Bloesem Giving guide is already there!
  5. If you like soup as much as I do you should check out this new soup book by Janneke Phillipi. The zucchini soup with parmesan is amazing and so easy to make!
  6. October brought a beautiful little baby girl into this world. Together with my mom I've made her a dress and combined it with some cute tights. Oooh I love baby girls.
  7. I've found the perfect black dress which can be worn from the weekend, to the office, to a party. Versatile and ultra-flattering (to me): like!
  8. My most popular pin of last month and this one made me smile. 
  9. I've had the best business lunch at Bavette Restaurant. If you're in the neighbourhood of Maasland (the Netherlands) you should really pay them a visit and have lunch or dinner yourself. The food and ambience is great.
  10. Want to remember this super easy DIY baby bat custom. It's to die for!

November I'm ready for you. 

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